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The Bay Ride Training Plans

Welcome to The Bay Ride training plans. Over 60% of our riders cycle farther than they ever have before, and with these training plans, you can go from the couch to 40 miles, or for moe seasoned riders 40 miles to 135 miles in under three months. These are designed for individuals with some biking experience but who may be intimited by the 40 miles distance, or those looking to cross the century mark. Trust us, you can do this!

Each day we give a combination of miles and time; choose whichever you feel most comfortable with. Find a pace and distance that works for you. We generally think 12.5mph is comfortable, but if that is too fast, shoot for 10mph. If you don't have a way to measure this, don't worry!


If a certain day of the week doesn't work for you, no stress! Try not to "make up" the past missed workout by just adding it to the next workout. Instead, find a rest day to swap it for or do a different kind of workout. Just know that missing a workout here or there is no big deal. The goal is time on the bike, consistency, and trying not to increase much more than 10% in effort week over week. The long ride each weekend (or whatever day works for you) shouldn't be done in isolation. The shorter rides throughout the week help your body adjust to time on the bike and the increased mileage.


You've got this! If you have any questions or are looking for additional help, reach out to

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