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The Bay Ride 2023 Jersey (ft. Britt Henze)

The Bay Ride 2023 Jersey (ft. Britt Henze)

Our second year featuring a jersey, this year designed by local artist Britt Henze (


A bit about Britt and the jersey design:


I am an abstract artist, and I capture happiness through my use of high vibrancy color, shape and movement. My intentions as an artist, first and foremost, is to elicit a smile and an unexpected break in the landscape. My inspiration comes from the sights, smells, and sounds of the Bay. I began painting three years after I got sober, in 2017. The first years of my sobriety were spent playing catch-up. I had to crash-course adulthood and also felt pressure to make up for all the lost time as quickly as possible. In the past few years I’ve been much more focused on what is actually happening, rather than what might happen, what I want to happen, or what it looks like to others. I have found that staying in the present is achievable, but it takes work and practice. The artwork for the Jersey is inspired by a body of work I created last year titled “Present Tense.” I hope it will resonate with the participants of this year’s The Bay Ride, as they cycle for an amazing cause through the best place in the world! 


Pick up day of event or at our pre-race Pasta Feed (


Limited availability.

From Primal Wear:

A standard fit, designed to provide plenty of room in the ride position. Raglan sleeves are less restrictive in lower positions on the bike. With the lightweight, double knit-performance polyester fabric, riders stay comfortable and dry no matter their chosen route.


  • Fit

    Eric is 5'7" and is wearing a size small

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